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about me

My name is Michael and I graduated and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Animation degree with a concentration in Traditional Animation in May 2021 from the School of Media Arts at Columbia College Chicago.

With 10 years of experience in the banking industry I decided to go back to school in 2018 to finish my degree. During that time I had the opportunity to begin as a teller and eventually worked my way to an account supervisor in one of our many back office call centers.

My return to the classroom provided me the opportunity to work on a collaborative independent animated short with a team in Mexico. I worked with my classmates at Columbia on our senior production studio film as one of the clean up and lead layout artists. I enjoyed collaborating with other talented individuals and working on projects that the whole team was passionate about.

I studied with Columbia College Chicago in Los Angeles during a Semester in LA where I was offered my first production internship with Bang Zoom Studios.

Since graduating in May 2021, I was offered my second internship and this time with DreamWorks Television Animation as a Production Intern on the wildly popular children's pre-school show, Gabby's Dollhouse. I interned during Spring of 2022. After finishing a successful internship I was offered and asked to stay on as a Production Assistant for the show.

A little over a year later I continue working on Gabby's Dollhouse as we are helping to create more ameow-zing episodes and enjoy my time with teammates that have just as much passion about animation as I do. This helps and keeps me motivated to look towards the future and eventually moving to further my goals and work on the art and design side of the industry.

I was born and raised on the near Northwest side of Chicago and now residing in Los Angeles, California. I am a first generation Latino American of Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican decent inspired by my own culture and many others around the world. I love to travel and I'm equally inspired by the places I've been to and would love to visit. I hope to create animated films and tv shows that will reach all kinds of people. I love learning and believe that I can always learn something from everyone that I meet and every place I visit. 

Armed with skills and experience I’m currently looking for exciting challenges to pursue in the animation industry. Whether it is animation, clean up, concept art, background / layout design, storyboarding or character design, I’m confident that I can take on any project with personality, fun, precision, and professionalism.


Working on school projects I have been able to create animated shorts with unique characters and effects all while successfully showing the principles of animation.


Coming up with ideas for the look of the film is my absolute favorite thing to do in the animation production pipeline. To be able to draw the very first sketches and then for the artwork to be used as a reference point for animators, background/layout and character designers further down the line is an absolute joy.

Creating the final drawings you see in a finished film is another joy of mine. I enjoy working together on a team of artists and use the key drawings and animation charts from the original animators and being able to start what beings to be the final touches of a film together.


Concept Art


Creating and designing unique and memorable characters is something that I enjoy. The main reason I enjoy character design is that I am able to put my own design spin on a character that either I created or helped create.

Being able to take the storyboards and from there create an environment that will be able to also be part of a story and to also add to it, is such a unique way to contribute to a film. I have had experience being a lead layout artist during out senior animation production film. 



Storyboarding is one of the concepts that I like to tackle the most because it is one of the most rewarding. Trying to come up with the way the story flows in either a film or a series is such a unique way of adding your spin with its art.

Character Design

Background / Layout Design



Toon Boom Harmony

Clean-up animation, character animation, puppet animation, FX animation, key-framing, character turnaround, rigging and effects

Storyboard Pro



Adobe Photoshop

Background/layout design, concept art, illustration, graphic design, logo design, animation

Adobe After Effects

editing, compositing, sound, character animation


Concept art, illustration, graphic design,
logo design, animation
key-framing, character animation, texturing


DC Comic collector and reader
DVD collector
Pokemon Card Collector
Video gamer 
Graphic design
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